Social Media Marketing

Whether you have an established business, a startup business or now you are ready to launch your business, we come to your support with online marketing strategy structured and adapted to your budget. Today if you are not present on the internet, we can say you don’t exist!

We build real communities around brands and products. We develop high-value content with strong and strategic connotations, that increase public interaction with the brand. Our expertise in communication and social media strategy is applied by developing relevant content, fan community management, construction and development, by unique applications for each customer. We manage various platforms: Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Instragram, Google Plus, etc.


[SPECIAL PACKAGE] 700 Euro/ Month

*you don’t pay VAT (for Roumania)

  • Social Media Marketing Strategy

                Consultancy in choosing of the strategy used in Social Media;

  • Social Media Content (content & share on SM):

                 Creation/ Page Optimization – FB, Lin, Tw, G+, etc.

                 – Customization profile picture;

                 – Customization cover page;

                 Editorial plan with daily posting (including the week-end); establishing a schedule of posts, for approval at the beginning of each month; *Images are provided by client. 

  • Facebook + Google Adwords

               Campaigns / contests promoted with Facebook Ads (on a separate client budget)

               – 2 actions per month (likes campaign, ppc campaign, contest, boost post, etc.)

                 Image campaign and keywords with Google Adwords ( on a separate client budget)

  • Monitoring and Reporting

Monthly bonus:

Configuration and Monitoring Google Analytics Account

Editing and sending a Newsletter (elements provided by client, client data based, platform acquired by client) 

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Social Media in business represents an interaction process of a brand with consumers and its future consumers. Our goal is to build, maintain and grow an active community, which will react quickly to the latest trends and news about the products and services advertised.

The targeted audience using promotional methods Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, etc., coincides with the holders of accounts users. And in their majority it is about people aged between 18 and 55, which have their own financial resources, interested and ready to follow the actual purchase.


Facebook is a handy and useful solution when you want to consume a relatively small budget for immediate results. Awareness is guaranteed among the targeted audience, you achieve the sale objectives and you build a lasting relationship with the public that appreciates the promoted page.


Google Adwords is one of the more effective and affordable ways to promote your business online. Google Adwords campaigns offer you the opportunity to make known your message to commercial internet users, it is a powerful tool to raise awareness and achieve sales goals.


If you are interested to increase your profile on Social Media and want maximizing your exposure to your business, we do more than just selling your likes as other competitors on the market – you build and develop your online profile, bringing you extra notoriety, clients and interaction with your target audience. Increase your visibility on the Internet!


  • Relevance: your ad meets the active search on the search engine being perfectly adapted to users’ needs;
  • Quickness: your ad appears almost instantly;
  • PPC(Pay pe Click): you only pay when users click on your ad;
  • Cost control: you have control over budgets;
  • Trageting: you decide in what geographic area, to whom and when your ad is displayed;
  • Quantifiable results: detailed statistics on the performance of your advertising;
  • Versatility: you can constantly adapt your campaigns;
  • Multi- Devices: users will see your ad on whatever device they use (laptop, tablet, mobile);

More reasons to invest in Social Media:

– Create an overall brand identity – messages sent in the same note written and visual, on numerous platforms. You establish your brand voice you take control! Focus on value content!

– You raise your public curiosity, you ask questions! Interact and learn his preferences! Did you know?… 73% of consumers stay with a brand for their friendly communication tone!

– You are responsible for the tranmitted content and the provided answers on your comments! You #inspire, #educate, #relax si #convince!

Whether you need Facebook likes, Twitter followers or you concentrate on Google+ and LinkedIn, Social Media promotion is the service you need.

If you are interested to increase your social media profile and you want to maximize the exposure of your business, we do more than just sell you likes, we build and develop your online profile, bringing you such a notoriously addition in clients and interaction with your target audience. Increase your visibility on the Internet!

What benefits will you have?

  • Gain visibility for your businesst.
  • The reputation is built easily by the mere presence of your business online.
  • Online sales growth will be achieved more easily through SMM campaigns.
  • Content shared on social networks is also a natural source of backlinks very useful for SEO. And do not forget that people socialize between people. 
  • The allocated budget to this marketing is much lower compared to the money you invest in a traditional promotion. You can start a Social Media Marketing campaign with a very low budget.

Facebook profiles example

Services: Sofa Maison de Beaute

Online Store: K&R Baby

B2B: Creative Media Minds


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